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Delineation of Horoscopy

Narada Puraлa II.55



Sanandana said:

The twelve limbs of Kalapurusa, the Cosmic Being viz. (1) head, (2) face, (3) arms, (4) heart, (5) breast, (6) entrails, (7) pelvis, (8) genital organ, (9) thighs, (10) knees, (11) shanks, (2) feet are (represented by) the twelve Signs of the Zodiac. Viz. Mesa (Aries), Vrisabha (Taurus), Mithuna (Gemini), Karkataka (Cancer), Simha (Leo), Kanya (Virgo), Tula (Libra), Vriscika (Scorpio), Dhanus (Sagittarius), Makara (Capricorn), Kumbha (Aquarius) and Mina (Pisces) respectively.


            Notes: In Sanskrit, the word Kala is used in many sense. It means time, the God of Death, the Cosmic Being, the Supreme Lord etc. The Bhagavata has the following to say: "Time is called Kala, because it controls the life and death of all living beings.; it does not leave even the minutest part of time. Kala it seizes or gathers together all beings; it drives beings; it invests all beings with weal and woe; it contracts their span of life; or it leads them to the abode of Death".


The Lords of the twelve Signs (Rasis) beginning with Mesa (Aries) are in order (1) Mars, (2) Venus, (3) Mercury, (4) Moon, (5) Sun, (6) Mercury, (7) Venus, (8) Mars, (9) Jupiter, (10) Saturn, (11) Saturn, (12) Jupiter.

In the Odd Signs of the Zodiac, the first Hora i.e., 15 degree portion, is ruled by the Sun and the second by the Moon, next by the Sun. The lords of the three decanates i.e., 10 degree portions in each Rasi are those of the same Sign, the fifth one from the first and the ninth from the first respectively.


            Notes: There was a dispute about the origin of Hora. Burgess first thought that it was borrowed from the Greeks, but later he changed his view. However, the word Drekkana or Dreskana is evidently a Greek word. In each Sign, there are two Horas and three Decanates. In Mesa, Mithuna, Simha and other odd Rasis the first half or 15 degree portion is presided over by the Sun, while the next half by Moon. In even Signs, i.e., Vrisabha, Karkataka, Kanya etc., they are ruled by the Moon and the Sun respectively There are three decanates in each Sign, the dimension of each being 10 degrees. In each Rasi, the first part that is 5th from it; and the third by the Rasi and its lord; the second by the Rasi that is 5th from it; and the third by the Rasi that is 9th from the original. For example, take Sign Cancer, it is three decanates are called respectively Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Their lords too are in order the Moon, Mars and Jupiter.

In the odd Signs of the lords of Trimsamsas (degree portions) are Mars who owns the first 5 degrees, saturn who owns the next 5 degrees, Jupiter who owns the next 8 degrees, Mercury who owns the next 7 degrees and Venus who owns the last 5 degrees. This order of ownership is reversed in the case of even Signs.

Notes: Trimsamsa is 1/30 of a Rasi which consists of 30 degrees. So one Trimsamsa means one degree. But in Hindu astrology, each degree is not given a ruler. On the other hand, these 30 degrees are distributed among the non-luminaries. In the odd Signs, Mesa, Mithuna etc., Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus own in order 5° , 5° , 8° , 7° and 5° . In the even Signs, Taurus, Cancer etc., the order is reversed. In other words, the first 5° are ruled by Venus, the next 7° by Mercury, the next 8° by Jupiter the next 5° by Saturn and the last 5° by Mars.

The Navamsas (1/9 of a Sign or 3 degrees and 20 minutes) of Mesa, Simha and Dhanus begin with Mesa itself; those of Vrisabha, Kanya and Makara begin with Makara; those of Mithuna, Tula and Khumbha with Tula; lastly those of Karkataka, Vriscika and Mina, with Karkataka. The Lords of the Dvadamamsas (1/12 portions of a Rasi or 2 1/2 degree portions) are those of the 12 Signs beginning with the same Rasi. Thus the six sub-divisions of a sign are based upon the Signs of the zodiac.

Notes: The Navamsas, 3° 20’ portions of a Rasi of each sign bear the names of nine Signs and are owned by their lords. The first Navamsa of Aries is owned by Aries itself and its lord is that of Aries viz. Mars; the second by Taurus whose lord is Venus; the third by Gemini ruled by Mercury; the fourth by Cancer and the Moon; the 5th by Leo and the Sun; the sixth by Virgo and Mercury; the 7th by Libra and Venus; the 8th by Scorpio and Mars; and lastly the 9th by Sagittarius and Jupiter. This method should be followed in the case of Leo and Sagittarius also. So it will be seen that for Mesa and the last one Dhanus. Similarly, in the case of Vrisabha, Kanya and Makara the first Navamsa is Makara itself and the last one is Kanya. In the case of Mithuna, Tula and Kumbha the first and last ones are Tula and Mithuna respectively. In respect of the last group of Karkataka, Vriscika and Mina, they are Karkataka and Mina respectively. Here

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